Red Pill and blue pill dilemma part two

So you have taken the red pill and woke up to a new reality, a world of new possibilities. The story doesn’t end there. In fact it’s just the beginning. Sometimes you will wish you took the blue pill instead.

Regular or peanuts?
Regular or peanuts?

I know I did.

Son Goku and one-arm push ups

As a kid watching DBZ,  I watched Goku do handstand push ups and one arm push ups. I was really amazed and thought how awesome it would be if I could do that too but I told myself :

“that can only happen in an anime series”.

Adjust up to 100x gravity when needed
Adjust up to 100x gravity when needed

It wasn’t even part of my reality. Until I saw someone doing it in real life. (actually a youtube video). That was the metaphorical red pill for me. I was living in a dream that handstand push ups were impossible and I had this look:

when I watched youtube videos of people doing what I previously thought was impossible.

True Story

During one of my recent climb with a group of friends at Mt. Ampucao, the highest peak in Sagada, we originally planned to hike just halfway in to the summit.


We previously thought that the true summit was out of reach for climbers because it was private property, hikers are not allowed and it seemed too far and impossible to get there in just half a day.  We reached the mini summit where there view is nice and everything was awesome…. until we saw other hikers coming back from the true summit.

We asked them how much time did it take them to reach the summit? – “Two hours of torture on an assault trail”. One of them answered and still panting.

In my mind I was yelling amateurs! I’ll get there in half the time!  But there was also a part of me that wished we never saw the other climbers coming back from  the summit because then we have a perfect convenient excuse not to climb it.  We were tired anyway and we could just happily stayed there and take groufies ignorant to the fact that there was a higher summit to conquer.

In both instances a  part of me wanted a blue pill.

“Only Goku is capable of 1 arm push ups.”

“Only elite athletes could do that!”

“that guy on youtube  must have been on steroids!”

“His power level is over 9000 that’s imposssiible!!!!!!”

It took me a few months of dedication and hard work to finally do a solid one arm push ups. And it took us half the time to reach the summit of Mt. Ampucao.

I’m glad we took the red pill, embraced reality and worked hard towards achieving our goal however small or big it is.

Red pill awakening and the competence model. Going from unconscious incompetence to unconscious competence.

When you awaken to a reality that you previously didn’t know existed, you are in a stage called conscious incompetence. That is stage two of the competence model.


You can apply the competence model in any skill you want to learn or goal you want to achieve like driving a car:

Stage 1: Unconscious incompetence:

-you are a caveman and didn’t even know that car existed let alone how to drive it

Stage 2: Conscious incompetence:

-you learned that cars existed and you decided you want to learn how to drive

Stage 3: Conscious competence

-you are learning how to drive a car but it takes all of your effort, will, focus and concentration to figure out how the stick shift works, how to find which is the brake and gas pedal and at the same time pay attention to the road, traffic rules. You also try not to hit the old gandma crossing the street.

Step 4 Unconscious competence

-you drive with a bottle of beer on your right hand and you text on your left hand and somehow you manage to arrive at your destination alive and well.

In fitness and fat loss there is a similar model.

Stage 1 Unconscious incompetence

I’m big boned

A guy’s variation of the “I’m big boned”

Stage 2 Conscious incompetence

I’m not big boned

Stage 3 Conscious competence

This is the part where you start working on losing fat, or gaining some muscle or both. You have some success but obstacles and challenges are thrown in your way.

The process of moving from stage 2 to stage 3 and leveling up to stage 4 is summarized in the 4-step super Saiyan transformation framework.

How to transform yourself into a Super Saiyan
How to transform yourself into a Super Saiyan

Stage 4 Unconscious competence Fat loss becomes effortless,

This is the stage where you reach your ultimate goal. In my case, I was able to  achieve super Saiyan level in one of my fitness goals which is  to reach less than 10 percent body fat while still eating the food that I love, even go on an occasional eat-all you can rampage and maintain it effortlessly by having “super Saiyan” metabolism that makes me impervious to calories. IMHO a life where you are anal about what you eat is no fun. There has to be a balance of self-restraint and self-indulgence.

This is a tricky skill to master when it comes to eating and it takes years of practice to achieve Unconscious competence super Saiyan levels.

When Goku first transformed into a super saiyan he was charging and yelling for a whole episode and all the time he was making an effort to maintain his super Saiyan state.

Lots of effort with angry veins in the forehead
Lots of effort with  a constipated look and angry veins in the forehead

Eventually he reached a level where he could relax and even go fishing with Gohan in his super Saiyan form.

effortless super Saiyan
effortless super Saiyan


There are other fitness goals as well as in other areas of my life that I’m working on right now. What’s yours?

Take the red pill in all areas of your life.

Think of  areas in your life were you woke to up to a new possibility ?

Six pack abs

Your first 1 million.

You know it won’t be easy but it will be well worth it.

You can take the red pill and accept that reality or you can take the blue pill anytime and stay where you are right now and no one will blame you for it. You will be  taken back to a dream where you have no control over your goals and it’s not your fault if you fail or stay mediocre for the rest of your life. Because in that world you are the victim and the world is conspiring against you.

Choose now.


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