Go on an eat-all-you can rampage without gaining a pound of fat (A.K.A. The Son Goku diet)

Imagine waking up one day and being able to eat all the pizza, donuts, frapuccinos, dairy queen triple chocolate xtreme ice cream and unlimited rice… without having to worry about gaining a pound of fat after your monster meal.

Maybe you decide to go for a 15 minute “easy” workout, pull off a few one-arm pull ups and one-arm push ups. The dudes at the gym who kill themselves for 2 hours every day without getting any result doing sissy dumbbell curls and bench pressing with what you consider “Barbie weights” see you with their Geiger counter and yell:

“his power level… it’s over nine thousaaaannd! That’s impossible!!!” over9000

I want you to know that it is possible and in this post I want to share:

  • the power of automating your fitness by creating a daily ritual…
  • the benefits of cold thermogenesis
  • the 4 minute super Saiyan workout.

These are strategies and techniques I’ve personally used to boost fat loss and achieve super Saiyan metabolism that enables me to eat all of this in one seating at a body weight of 135 lbs without gaining a pound of fat.

Paleo nightmare
Paleo nightmare


Conquer the mind, master the body!

Yup. We all know someone who has an appetite of a hardcore construction worker who eats twice as much as you but weighs twice as less than you do. why u

Maybe it’s their genes or could they be a real life super Saiyan? Over the years I’ve developed the super Saiyan ability to eat a whole box of pizza, or devour a whole crispy pata in a single meal, and I currently hold the last man eating and last man drinking contest championship belt between me and my friends while maintaining below 10 percent body fat.

But I’m probably no match for this guy.

This guy is a real life Super Saiyan. Aside from eating inhuman amount of hot dogs, Kobayashi likes heavy deadlifts and makes sure he eliminate as much abdominal fat as possible during competition as it can constrain his stomach’s ability to expand.
This guy is a real life Super Saiyan. Aside from eating inhuman amount of hot dogs, Kobayashi likes heavy deadlifts and makes sure he eliminate as much abdominal fat as possible during competition as it can constrain his stomach’s ability to expand.

If your current goal is to lose 20 lbs., then why not make your goal even more awesome by making it  specific like:

“Lose 20 lbs. of pure fat ( because for most people the 20 lbs. they lose is a combination of  water weight, fat and muscle mass) and maintain my ideal weight for the rest of my life without becoming a prisoner of fad diets, weight loss pills and also be able to eat any food that I want even go on an occasional eat all you can rampage without gaining a pound of fat”…

like a Super Saiyan would.

"The Son Goku Diet"
“The Son Goku Diet”

Okay you may not have an alien Saiyan blood but…

the good news is there are steps you can take to transform your body into a fat burning machine and tips on how to maintain it without the dishonor of fad diets. It will enable you to eat like a Saiyan, and maintain a lean body without ending up miserable like ramp models who starve themselves to death just to look good on camera and photoshoots.

If you haven’t achieve Super Saiyan status yet, then simply follow  the techniques below while eating moderately to shed off those unwanted pounds and make your abs pop by shedding off the tub of lard covering your abdominal muscles.

The long term solution: build strong lean muscles and aerobic endurance by creating a daily ritual and using the power of habit

The why and how of building strong lean muscles and a huge gas tank of aerobic endurance:

More muscle cells mean more capacity for handling calories. It does not necessarily mean having Incredible Hulk muscles, and yes ladies… lifting weights will NOT make you huge unless you inject yourselves with Captain America’s super soldier serum.

When you eat, the carbs in the form of glycogen gets stored in the muscle for fuel, when it becomes full the excess glycogen are then stored as fats. More muscle cells mean more storage for you. You will also be able to handle more calories because more muscle mass also means more work capacity You can perform at a higher intensity and harder variations of exercises which burn more calories DURING workouts and burn more calories AFTER the workout even while you SLEEP doing nothing. This is due to excess post oxygen consumption. A huge gas tank will make long distance runs a relaxing, meditative joyful activity that you look forward to and not just an activity done with an end goal of burning calories to lose weight.

How do you build muscles and endurance as quickly and as painless as possible? Well I’m sorry to tell you but there are no short cuts.


There are no substitute for discipline and hard work. The key is in the process of making discipline easy and effortless by transforming whatever you do (that requires discipline and will power) into a habit and turning hard work into fun by learning to love what you do and aligning it with your goals and core values.  How do you do that? I’ll cover that in future post but the first step is to create a powerful 15 -45 min daily ritual of mind and body exercises to start the day that boosts your strength, cardio and internal state and feelings. An established ritual or a habit requires no will power. You don’t force yourself into doing it just like brushing your teeth or taking a shower (I hope so). The power of creating a daily ritual of mind and body exercises makes muscle building and fat loss go on autopilot.

A daily activity of physical, mental, emotional exercise even as short as 5 minutes can increase your life span too…

Watch Jane_Mcgonigal on TED talks as she speak about “The game that could add 10 years to your life” 

Part of my morning ritual started with learning Spanish on Duolingo on my phone upon waking up, a few push ups and body weight squats here and there and a relaxing walk while listening to my favorite podcasts and at the same time thinking of all the blessings in my life which puts me into a state of gratitude.

It doesn’t matter what fitness level you’re in right now,

You can start with 5 knee push ups a day and a 10 minute walk. What matters is you start right now, do it with enough consistency until it becomes a habit. Soon 15 minute walks evolve into an energizing jog and your knee push ups will progress into insane variations like one arm push ups and pistol squats like it did for me.

The best part is when you have acquired the habit, even if you start at just 5 to 15 minutes a day, you will progress automatically and you’ll wake up one day and realize that your exercise has transformed from burdensome work into a delightful activity and your workouts become an expression of who you are like a poet writing poems.

Burning calories become effortless. Lifting weights becomes a source of pleasure.


Arnold was quoted in the documentary "Pumping Iron" describing the feeling of workout as basically being a constant orgasm
Arnold was quoted in the documentary “Pumping Iron” describing the feeling of workout as basically being a constant orgasm

When you get to this point you won’t ever have to worry about gaining fat from a monster meal every now and then. You can have the freedom to binge once in a while knowing you have the capacity to burn a day’s meal in one running session. You can work out in a way that would boost your metabolism for days. Your muscles become a tank storage of glycogen never getting full and converted to fat.

The bad news is that it takes time. If you haven’t achieved super Saiyan status yet through your 15 minute daily ritual of easy exercise you can also use the techniques below as fat loss boosters while eating moderately and if you already have your ideal body, you can use these techniques to maintain it even when you go on a Son Goku diet.

Accelerate your fat loss with cold thermogenesis and the occasional 5 min Super Saiyan Workout.

WTF is cold thermogenesis?

It simply means exposing yourself to a cold environment like ice baths, cold pool or freezing weather forcing your body to burn more calories by regulating your body temperature.

I won’t go all geeky explaining the law of thermodynamics of how your brown adipose tissue produces heat to regulate the cold, there are tons of resources out there and if you fancy reading scholarly articles and research written in scientific jargons  that make your nose bleed but make the authors sound super intelligent… here are a few of them: http://www.jci.org/articles/view/68993  and http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23780370.

Tim Ferris dedicated a whole chapter of his book the about harnessing the power of cold for burning calories and figured out how Michael Phelps can eat up to 12,000 calories a day… that’s a week worth of calories for most people (nearly impossible to burn using just exercise and workouts alone if you do the math) without gaining a pound of body fat in his book “The 4- hour body”.

Michael Phelps achieves his muscular physique by feasting on a whopping 12,000 calories a day
Michael Phelps achieves his muscular physique by feasting on a whopping 12,000 calories a day.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2177613/Michael-Phelps-12-000-calories-day-dont-doing-harm.html#ixzz3RWWtaU5b

Cold thermogenesis doesn’t only make you burn fat, it also has physical and mental performance enhancing effects and can accelerate recovery in your workouts as well. Some people use ice packs or ice vests, others use ice baths and cold showers, UFC fighters and professional athletes use cryogenic chambers for accelerated recovery in their training.

Personally I go to the ACE Water Spa www.acewaterspa.com.ph/ once or twice a month ( a more affordable option than cryogenic chambers) and use the cold pool for multiple sessions of 5 to 20 min bouts then contrasting it with heat training in the Sauna room and a relaxing hydro massage.

Another alternative you can do at home to activate those brown adipose tissues and make you burn more fat is to sleep naked and turn on the air conditioning to full blast.

As a bonus, it can also cut your risk of diabetes and for the ladies, it can protect your vagina too! hehe (According to this article http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2847828/Sleeping-naked-cut-risk-diabetes-not-mention-ward-infections-trim-waistline-make-exhausted.html.) You can also take cold showers or do the ice bucket challenge donation to charity institution is optional. The key is you get cold enough to a point where you experience a mild chill, and as always, start easy and slow… sooner or later you will get the hang of it and you will master art of being comfortable in discomfort in a bathtub full of ice or a cold pool with mind numbing temperature.

The 4-minute Super Saiyan workout for boosting your metabolism

Caveat: If your a beginner, you can’t out-exercise a bad diet but If you’re on your way to a buffet dinner or a hotdog eating contest or a box of Krispy Kreme is right in front of you begging to be devoured… then you can mitigate some of the fat gain with a 5 min super Saiyan workout.

What is the 4-minute super Saiyan workout?

No need to get intimidated… anyone can do it. It’s just my fancy way of describing tabata workouts with exercises like burpees, squats and push ups doing them in a circuit style training that will enable you to push you into 90% of your maximum effort. It’s actually just 2 minutes! if you don’t count the 30 seconds of rest period in between rounds. The key is to go all out and use a compound movement that works multiple muscle group or a whole body exercise like burpees to maximize fat loss ( none of those sissy dumbbell curls and other isolation movements) BTW This is what 90% max effort looks like:

sweaty concentrated gameface

You can do easier or harder variations that will suit to your level of fitness but the key is doing it in good form and making sure that at the end of 5 mins (or 4-5 rounds of 30 sec max effort and 30 sec rest), you are gasping for air and unable to finish one sentence without taking another breath or two. Oh and be sure to take a short warm up first like jogging in place and a few jumping jacks. Workouts like this help shuttle the carbs your about to eat into your muscles thus preventing them from being converted into fat. You can also do them 90 mins after you eat that box of jcos so you can use whatever sugar that is in your blood as fuel and prevent them from being stored as fat. Pick any of this exercise that you can do virtually anywhere:  push up, pull up, squat or burpees and do as many reps as you can AMRAP in 30 seconds with good form and then rest for 30 seconds and do it 4 to 5 times. If you are at a restaurant, then excuse yourself and go to the rest room to do your squats… The 5 minute super Saiyan workout is two times shorter than the average bathroom breaks of girls and you can do this anywhere so no excuses! If regular variations of the exercise is too easy for you then do a harder variation like this one: goku one arm push up

For beginners, it doesn’t matter if you are doing knee push ups or one arm push up. The key is you give 90% of your effort. Really push yourself just for 30 seconds. If you’re an overachiever, then do a 20 minute easy walk or jog as cool down after the intense 4-5 rounds of thirty second max effort and thirty second rest. WARNING. Do not do this every day because there’s a good chance that you’ll burn out, suffer from injuries or in some cases kill yourself with spontaneous human combustion. It’s best to do them once or twice a week.

There you have it! The secret of how to eat like a super Saiyan without gaining a pound of fat!

To sum it up:

  1. Build lean, dense, strong muscles, boost your metabolism and build a huge gas tank slowly by having daily ritual of 15 to 45 mins of super easy resistance training and cardio.
  2. Occasional bouts of cold thermogenesis and the 5 minute Super Saiyan workouts.

P.S. speaking of daily rituals, what other simple easy to do habits can you include in your daily ritual that will be a game changer if you just do it every day for the rest of your life? Pick one and post in the comments below (it helps to make your self accountable by posting your goals publicly) and go do it for 30 days every single day


4 thoughts on “Go on an eat-all-you can rampage without gaining a pound of fat (A.K.A. The Son Goku diet)

    1. Hi Raymond! Just start with the easiest step so it doesn’t require much motivation! like 1-5 push ups or 5 min walk to create a daily habit and let the power of compound interest do the rest just like in saving and investing money… anyone can save and invest 10-100 bucks a day and if you do it consistently over time with compound interest and leverage, you will retire a millionaire! with a washboard abs!:)


  1. Thanks for sharing. Now that’s the pressure of my 30min walk 30 day challenge action plan. I look forward to your post with details of the “super easy resistance training and cardio”.


    1. Hi Mikka! Good luck with your 30 day challenge! Just keep doing it even if you feel just doing 5 mins. 5 mins for 30 consecutive days is way better than 30 mins of a few days on and off and on again:)


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